Business Solutions

Many people dream of opening a restaurant relying on passion alone. In fact, the most common mistake is not to treat your company as a real business from the start. There are important factors to consider when starting a business in food and beverage, such as market analysis, the study of the gastronomic offer, the selection of the partners, up to the marketing and communication campaign.

The essential ingredients

An essential ingredient of my carrer was learning. Study and learn from the best, collaborate with the greatest, receive even a little advice from a colleague. That’s why I decided to put all my knowledge and skills at the service of those who want to get in touch with the world of cooking.

Business Solutions

Design phase

  • Startup (advice for those who start a catering business)
  • Concept development
  • Menu conception and cost evaluation
  • Market and competitors analysis (market analysis, competition, sector, development of the strategy)
  • Study of the gastronomic offer
  • Selection of suppliers / partners
  • Marketing and communication (content strategy and social media dedicated to the world of catering and food, with management and creation of ad hoc content)

Soluzioni Business

Operational phase

  • Staff training and selection
  • Process development (coordination of all elements of a gastronomic event: personal design, selection and management, collaboration with catering, etc.)
  • Food cost (calculation of costs related to individual dishes)
  • Marketing experience

“To take a path into the world of food and catering, many tools are needed. I have acquired them over the years and I decided to make them available to those who want to start this journey or to perfetc their skills.”