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Not only food, but also style and creativity, first of all the food is eaten with the eyes.
Photographic shoots, videos, shows: everything may need a dish and someone who knows how to make it well, paying attention to all the technicals and esthetics details, to create quality contents that are able to present and drive your business effectively.

We eat with our eyes.


We choose the recipes, prepare them and use the tricks of the trade to display the dish according to the occasion.


In the studio, on a set, in front of or behind a camera or a video-camera.


Based on the customer’s needs. I make your special occasions unique.


Because appearance matters too, as in my latest project Racconti di cucina, created together with Angela Frenda for Il Corriere Della Sera.

Home economist

Some of my works

  • La Cucina Felice, Angela Frenda, Rizzoli
  • Racconti di Cucina, Angela Frenda, Corriere della sera
  • Portale permeunabirra, Assobirra
  • Lancio microonde Whirlpool, campagna in store
  • Cucina Moderna, redazionali
  • Detto Fatto, Raidue
  • Grana Padano, Mortadella Bò, San Daniele


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