My books

2015 – “Da uno a infinito” – Gribaudo/Feltrinelli

2017  – “The revolution of taste” – Mondadori

Cooking with extracts, for quicker, tastier and healthier dishes

My latest book published by Mondadori

The revolution of taste

Reduced cooking times, minimum quantities of fat, natural concentrates and soluble proteins, less waste and a more intense flavor: cooking with extracts represents the new frontier in research in cuisine.
Not just fruit and vegetable juices, but a new use of extraction that will revolutionize the nutritional quality of your dishes.

This book will change your mind completely – if you’ve already formed an opinion – on the use of ex- traction in cooking, or else it will open up a new world where the word “revolution” will be the only one suited to describing the arrival in your home of a process that will quickly become your new ingredient. You’ll learn to appreciate the basic ingredients in a different way, and you’ll come to realize that liquid extracts are actually molecules of flavor that you can use to make delicious, colorful, and healthy dishes.


My first book

My first book, published by Gribaudo/Feltrinelli

Da uno a infinito

Da uno a infinito is my first book, published by Gribaudo with the photographs of Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani. It starts with a very simple concept: the cooking and eating situation (the place, the number of guests, the atmosphere, the type of occasion, etc.) change the way we prepare and enjoy a plate, just like the ingredients that compose it. And so this opens up the whole project to present ideas and solutions to welcome guests with recipes and plates for 2 people or 250, with some small trick. Each macro-recipe, or inspiration, is divided into 3 versions, depending on the number of people we are preparing for: for a few, for many or for all.